Your fears…fight or flight?

Here’s a great fable shared by is Everything

There was, living in Tibet about a thousand years ago, a Meditation Master whose name was Milarepa. So as not to be disturbed in his deep meditation he would seek out remote caves high in the Himalaya Mountains.

He had not long settled into one such cave when a large host of Demons moved in too. Their heavy presence and animosity distracted him from his meditation.

At first he fought them, but they just fought back and stayed right where they were.

So Milarepa tried another strategy. He recognised and named them. He treated them with honour, dignity,and respect. He was friendly and consider­ate towards them. Half of them left.

Next he invited the remaining Demons to stay as long as they liked. If they went out, he would welcome them back with genuine pleasure. Within a week all had gone except one particularly vicious and fearful Demon.

So Milarepa walked right up to that Demon. With no thought for himself, yet with an open heart and deep compassion, he gently placed his head right into the Demon’s gaping maw. And in that instant it disappeared and never returned.

From The Salmon of Knowledge – Nick Owen