So, what are you procrastinating about?

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with countless to-dos and then later frustrated with yourself for not achieving the one thing on your list you really needed to achieve? I confess…this absolutely is my Achilles Heel!

Of course, the positive part of this (and you know I love a silver lining) is that by recognising and acknowledging my tendency to procrastinate, I’m able to kick it to the curb when I notice familiar signs occurring.

If you’re struggling to get your bigger, more important projects completed then we’ve got just the solution for you! Watch this short movie and see how easy it is to beat procrastination. It’s an oldie but a goodie.

And sure, you’ll also need to be mindful and aware of your own unique procrastination strategies (like “I’ll just put another load of washing in before I write that business plan…” or “I’ll just cook a 3 course meal before I tackle my social media strategy…”), but imagine how great you’ll feel when you master the trick to beating your procrastination!

Eat that Frog! Bon appetite…

Eat That Frog! video:

Whatever is your ‘thing’, get proactive and take action now!

Looking forward to seeing you soon and wishing you a wonderful February.


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