If you can dream it, you can do it.
Always remember that this whole thing was
started with a dream and a mouse.

Walt Disney

What our clients have to say…

“Audrey has a down to earth manner and engages with any type of personality well. To manage 30 people in  a session requires excellent skills. Her structure of sessions, content  and process have all been highly professional  – she will be welcomed back again.”

Michael Dawson
Chief Executive Officer
Community Business Bureau Inc

“Before joining the ChickChat program I looked at some of the women’s development programs available; they all focused on career, leadership and performance and had a set format, all good things, but standards I have gone through many times already. The ChickChat brochure caught my eye, and it spoke my language; not only could it offer a way to improve myself in the workplace, but it also spoke of “having it all” focusing on “a greater sense of peace in life”, managing guilt and stress, working on me not just at work, but my family, self esteem, my overall life goals and the future.

ChickChat is aimed at all women, not just those in leadership, it focuses on you as a person, you are in the driver’s seat of your journey of discovery, it is truly all about you! The opportunity to share in the group sessions has provided a forum to speak with like minded women, dealing with similar issues, to learn and share together and celebrate our successes.Working one on one with Audrey brought some truly life changing moments, delving deep and bringing forth the greater sense of peace that was promised, it really works. The sessions are inspiring, thought provoking and provide tools to help you become the person you want to be today, tomorrow and in the future, you can have it all! I highly recommend Audrey and the ChickChat coaching program to anyone ready to make a change – you are a worthy investment, get excited!”

Simone Roberts
People & Organisational Devt
City of Tea Tree Gully

“Audrey is a phenomenal coach who works with clients to help them create change for the better in their life. I have experienced Audrey’s amazing coaching first hand and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a coach that WILL help you make the changes you want and need. She continues to amaze me every time we connect. She works tirelessly for her clients and has the highest level of integrity and professionalism I have seen in a coach. She is also a consummate facilitator and is able to create an atmosphere conducive to learner for all her participants. If you are looking for a communications expert to run a workshop, then you can feel 100% confident when you choose Audrey.”

Louise Carter
CEO & Founder
Performance Partnership

“Audrey, I wish to commend you and thank you. You are a terrific coach. Not just that, you are more like a friend or a business partner. I wish you the best of success and will genuinely recommend your services to others. You are an inspiration to all and you have a real understanding of what business owners are experiencing. You helped me stay focused and ensure I was true to myself. Bringing back that focus has allowed me to create a more productive working environment. It has also helped my break that cycle of working in the business when it was not necessary and concentrate more effectively in working on the business. Your guidance has truly helped me unveil clarity in my path and have true confidence in myself and my team. Thank you Audrey, you are truly a credit to the industry.”

Nicole Sweeny
Managing Director
Revolution Consulting

“I attended one of of Audrey’s Insights Discovery seminars with the provocative and attention-getting title of ‘It’s All About You’. Interested in being a better ‘me’ I attended the workshop; and it was great. Audrey is a friendly facilitator who endears herself to participants and makes learning fun. Using colour, self-analysis, team games and laughter, Audrey showed me how to recognise valuable insights in to my relationship with myself and others. I can recommend highly Audrey and her brand of learning.”

Penelope Herbert
Marketing Manager
Novita Children’s Services
“…Audrey has an extremely effective manner in conducting activities such as this (Insights Discovery workshop), where she is seen as extremely approachable, non judgmental and someone that the whole team warmed to. The feedback from the team was extremely positive, in fact I received emails thanking Audrey and I for the activity, from individuals who would normally not communicate with me directly. I would recommend Audrey and her Insights program to any organisation that is looking to grow their business, through the development of their people.”
Annette Matters
Manager, Business Services
AWBC (formerly)
“I thoroughly enjoyed Audrey’s workshop – it was a true journey of self discovery. A very interactive, fun and educational experience, where everyone could freely share ideas, learn and play. It left me excited and thinking long after it was over. I  would, without hesitation, recommend Audrey and the Insights Discovery solutions to everyone who wants to improve their personal and professional life and enjoy themselves along the way.”
Denitza Genova
Principal Consultant
Business Dynamics

“Audrey is passionate about learning and development, and creates wonderful connections with people easily, enabling her to transfer learning and new concepts very effectively.”

Geraldine Fraser
Global HR Director
Diageo Plc

“I had not really considered working with a coach before, but after meeting Audrey Thomas from Ajile Focus I have never looked back. Audrey has literally given me the insight I needed to move forward in my thinking and to improve my work and my life. My world has literally changed for the better. After a few coaching sessions, where we spoke candidly, Audrey helped me to truly understand the barriers I had created for myself and to set them free.
While I’m still the same person and my life is just as it was, it is also different and much better. Everything is just that little bit brighter, my thoughts are clear and I feel like the sky is the limit. Audrey has truly made a profound and liberating difference for me in my life and in my work. As a coach she is a down to earth, fun, generous, caring and a talented NLP practitioner and I am eternally thankful and very lucky to have been given a chance to work with her.”
Tracey Baker
Business Owner / Director
TB Consulting
“I had often thought of employing a Life Coach, I just really never got around to doing so. I was fortunate to meet Audrey Thomas. Throughout our sessions Audrey encouraged me and I have to say that I was absolutely amazed at the skills she displayed. With understanding and empathy she gently persuaded and inspired me to look at things differently, from this I gained a better understanding of myself. She was able to assist me to identify and deal with some stumbling blocks that had been holding me back for many years. I felt like all the windows of my mind had suddenly been thrown open, letting the fresh air in. Audrey is trusting and trustful, proactive and responsive, energising and soothing, intuitive and empathic, she moves easily through assisting and when required giving that push that was needed to enable a positive outcome. I am very grateful to her for “turning lights on in some of my dim rooms”. My experience with Audrey as my coach has been life changing and truly worthwhile.
Iris Sigley
Formerly Business Manager