About Us

The world can change in an instant.
So can the way you choose to see it.
Why not choose to see the good in yourself and others.
Bob Perks

About us

Do you want to achieve greater harmony in the workplace or in your personal relationships?

Do you want to take an area of your life which is important to you to a higher level? Ajile Focus specialises in working with individuals and teams to improve personal effectiveness and to make teams click!

Our aim is to help you Be Inspired& Be Inspiring. We assist our clients to create outstanding results for themselves by providing hands-on solutions and strategies through coaching and training.

Our fresh and innovative approach to coaching and training, draws upon the broad and diverse experience and skills of our team to deliver the results you want.

Create a coaching package or training solution to meet the challenges you are currently experiencing or reach the goals you’ve set for you or your business. Go deeper than you have ever gone before in terms of exploration of the past Aim higher than they ever have before for your future.

Let us show you how to:

  • Achieve exceptional personal development, performance improvement & new levels of growth
  • Improve team dynamics within your organisation
  • Increase self-awareness for you (& your team)
  • Develop empowering new habits
  • Gain new clarity & focus in all areas of your life
  • Rediscover your passion, excitement & momentum
  • Improve your results through use of new communication & problem solving tools

Profile: Audrey Thomas

Audrey Thomas is the director & principal consultant of Ajile Focus, which specialises in making teams click and improving personal effectiveness. Audrey is an accredited Insights Discovery® Licensed Practitioner and has been sharing her passion for this powerful preference-based learning system with individuals and teams, both in Australia and overseas for 10years.

Executive & Personal Coaching

Audrey is also an experienced and accredited coach, NLP and TimeLine™ practitioner, and speaker. She works with her clients to discover and develop their untapped potential and deliver measurable and sustainable change. She acts as a tour guide for her clients on their journey of self-discovery; always encouraging transformation and growth.

Training & Facilitation

A specialist facilitator in the area of individual and organisational effectiveness, and leadership development, Audrey has worked with clients from a broad variety of industries in both the private and public sectors. She has used Insights Discovery, along with a range of coaching principles to help many people take another step towards greater understanding of themselves, the people around them and how to adapt and connect more effectively. She works with her clients to explore how this deep understanding can positively impact relationships with others and improve effectiveness, in all aspects of life.

Audrey has a reputation for delivering her workshops and seminars with passion, fun and energy and is completely focused on designing and facilitating her presentations with the client and message in mind. Whether in training or coaching sessions, with her compassionate and engaging style, Audrey challenges her clients to rethink what they think is possible, regardless of the circumstances. She has the ability to move her listeners to challenge what they believe is possible, regardless of the circumstances.


Audrey returned to Australia in 2005, having worked in the UK, Europe and North America for a number of years. She has experience in working with global leadership and project teams and has been involved in many aspects of change management for a range of organisations. Prior to working overseas, Audrey’s background was primarily in operations management, recruitment and training for the corporate sector in Australia.